For all attending game days these COVID rules are currently in place.

  • Changerooms are able to be used but the density quota of 1 per 4 sq m applies to all indoor areas.
  • Canteens can be provided on match day, under the previously used hospitality requirements.
  • Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors unless a person is exercising. Coaches and other staff not exercising need to be wearing masks.
  • All participation is on a get in and get out basis. So unless you are directly required for conducting the match you are not permitted to be present. No venue is permitted to have more than 300 present at any point, e.g. cross over during the day when there is one match finishing and the next is commencing.
  • There are to be no general spectators at venues.
  • Physical distancing needs to be maintained throughout with those not actively participating in the match.
  • A Covid Marshall must be present at each entrance to a venue, ensuring that attendees register using QR codes for the venue.