Bobby Curran Returns to Learmonth

After a recent stint at Lexton, Bobby Curran has signed for 2021.

Along with the resigning of local lads Nathan ‘Bald Hills’ Ross and Matt ‘Axle’ Treweek.

“It is always positive for the club when past players return. Something we are focused on is creating a local feel for our Senior group, which has been really developing the past few years.” – President, Steve Griffin

The boys have been working hard together on the Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment for past player Ben Gleeson’s company BGR. Club president Steve Griffin has been keeping a close eye on the guys as one of the site managers of the project.

“Todd is great person to have around our Senior group. When he is playing well and positive the team was playing well. Baldy is a great attribute on the field and Axle has been a Skipper of the Reserves, so all three we really value having around the club.” – Senior Coach, Nick Willox

We are also exited to have young Mason Coutts come and play in the blue and gold pictured here on site with Nath Ross. Mason has been working for TJ Coutts on site along side past president and club legend Matt Hines who is always on the look out for new recruits. 

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